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Following the installation of Cyan Tec Systems’ laser processing system which includes the UK’s most powerful laser at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry in 2014, the advanced laser welding and cutting robot cell is being used by industrial partners of the MTC to advance manufacturing processes and improve efficiency. Rolls Royce, a founding member of the MTC and major user of the laser system in Coventry, has completed a project to replace resistance welding with laser welding in the manufacture of titanium fairings for its advanced aircraft engines.

Working with laser welding experts at the MTC, Rolls Royce has successfully completed a programme to improve consistency, increase throughput and reduce manual input in the manufacturing process. The laser welding cell at the MTC is equipped with a range of welding and cutting head options and is capable of handling large and heavy parts with ease – the laser processing head being carried on a 6-axis robot, which is integrated with a multi-axis manipulator.


laser welding robot cell

Image: The laser processing cell supplied to the MTC by Tec Systems

Welding titanium by laser can achieve excellent results as long as the correct shielding with argon is provided. The MTC designed and manufactured assembly tooling with integral shield gas delivery. After qualifying the weld process, using fatigue test coupons, full scale laser welded parts were produced on the Cyan Tec robot cell.  These parts proved that laser welding produced less distortion than the existing resistance welded assembly.

Having extensive experience in the integration of lasers with robots and CNC machines for welding, cutting, marking and drilling, Cyan Tec is well-placed to provide turnkey laser systems for the development of new processes and the mass production of proven assemblies using automation, lasers and custom manipulation.

Cyan Tec has experience of integrating robots and lasers from all the major suppliers and can offer expert advice on the most appropriate solution for laser processing, paint spraying, assembly, test and other applications.  Standard and bespoke systems are offered with a full service from design through manufacture, a large installed base worldwide is supported by a dedicated team of engineers.