robot laser marking cell

New Flexible Robotic Laser Marking Cell

In response to the demand from the automotive sector, Cyan Tec Systems have produced a new flexible laser marking cell using a 6-axis robot to carry a compact laser marking head for the marking of text and 2D matrix codes onto automotive engine components.  A compact solid state laser head fitted with a miniature 2 axis galvo scanner is carried on the end of the robot arm allowing the marking field of 120 x 120 mm to be positioned anywhere within the reach of the robot, and angled to suit the plane of the component surface which is to be marked.  The laser and robot are contained within a solid walled safety enclosure which protects the operator from the robot motion and the laser during the laser marking cycle.  Interlocked safety doors allow access to the robot for programming – a monitor is positioned externally to observe the operation of the cell from outside.

robot laser marking cell

Parts are automatically loaded and unloaded via a conveyor which passes through the laser safety enclosure of the cell.  A hand-held code reader is attached to the outside of the laser cell which allows the verification of codes on the incoming and outgoing parts.  The scanner is cordless and rechargeable – the data scanned is transmitted to the master cell controller via Bluetooth.

Laser marking is the most reliable, repeatable and rapid method of putting permanent high-contrast marks on the surface of virtually any material.   Laser marks resist wear and cleaning processes which means that traceability is guaranteed for the lifetime of the components.  Cyan Tec uses the latest in fibre lasers and diode-pumped solid state lasers from the leading manufacturers, which have the characteristics to mark rapidly and with very high definition.  Almost no maintenance is necessary meaning that uptime and throughput are maximised.  Cyan Tec can work with all the major manufacturers of robots and lasers to provide a solution compatible with the norms and preferences of the customer.