Laser Cutting: Product Focus

Laser cutting of a variety of different materials, particularly metals and fabrics, is fairly common nowadays. Therefore, when an automotive supplier contacted Cyan Tec Systems Limited to design and manufacture an automated piece of equipment to remove excess material from their complex 3D formed products, the perfect solution was developed and in turn the RRTS14CC standard laser cutting cell was established.


Cyan-Tec: Laser Cutting

One of our laser source suppliers describe laser cutting as “a process where a material is cut, and this can be for small & fine materials or materials with a much greater level of thickness”.

They continue by stating “laser cutting has a number of application areas, particularly in industrial manufacturing where a higher output is required but is also used in schools, aerospace and in small businesses”.

The integration of a rotary transfer system, a six axis robot and fixed laser optics ensured that the customer is not only satisfied with the much-improved cycle time that the cell can offer but also the quality of the laser cut that the Co2 laser can achieve is exceptional.

In order to achieve the aforementioned high-quality laser cuts, the six axis robot is designed to follow pre-programmed paths, thus presenting each of the different variants to the laser head at the correct focal distance.

The laser source that is integrated as part of the RRTS14CC cell is generated from carbon dioxide and the integration of a series of mirrors means that the beam alignment from source to nozzle is both accurate and repeatable to suit the customer’s application. Though the RRTS14CC is a standard cell, the optics (tubes, mirrors etc.) will be specifically designed application by application to guarantee that the laser head arrangement is perfectly suited to the material that is being processed.

For more information on the RRTS14CC cell please visit its dedicated page here:

Cyan Tec Systems Exhibiting at MACH 2016 Show


Cyan Tec Systems will be exhibiting state-of-the-art capabilities in industrial automation and laser systems equipment at the MACH 2016 Show from 11-15 April 2016.  Experts will be available on Stand 4360 in Hall 4 of the NEC, Birmingham, to discuss potential applications in automation and laser material processing.

With a team of dedicated designers, Cyan Tec can provide standard or bespoke laser processing machines for laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking (engraving) and laser drilling.  Building on several decades of experience, Cyan Tec is perfectly placed to provide automation solutions, including assembly, leak testing, machine loading and unloading, robot systems, clean-room automation and automatic spraying systems.  Solutions from Cyan Tec are used in the automotive, aerospace, medical device and pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics and food industries.

Working with the industry leading robot, conveyor, pick & place and laser systems suppliers, Cyan Tec can provide and support automation and machinery all over the globe, from its base near Loughborough in Leicestershire.

New enquiries for automation and laser processing are welcomed, and the team at Cyan Tec can provide anything from design through to complete turnkey system delivery and installation.

Cyan Tec is situated in the AILU (Association of Industrial Laser Users) Pavilion on the South side of Hall 4 at the NEC.