Robotic Inkjet

Full in-line robotic inkjet integration

Cyan Tec’s Robotic Suppliers

Robotic Printing onto 3D

Cyan Tec has unique robotic inkjet expertise to enable customers to achieve the advantages of inkjet printing when printing onto 3D products from small to extremely large scale.

  • Combining robotic integration capability with inkjet expertise
  • Achieving digital inkjet printing onto complex 3D products
  • Providing end-users with considerable flexibility and cost savings
  • Easing the adoption and integration of inkjet into existing production lines
  • Ensuring the customers’ switch to inkjet is right first time and appropriate to the industrial process
  • Providing competitive advantages to customers
  • A sustainable technology, reducing waste in a lot of processes

Robotic Inkjet Applications

Cyan’s Tec robotic inkjet expertise enables users to achieve direct to product, full print customisation. A different image can be printed on each product for  three rotary axes 3D printing!

This unique capability enables our customers  to achieve product differentiation for marketing, personalisation or other added value purposes.

Understanding Robotics in Inkjet Printing

Our customers can achieve the flexibility of inkjet printing using Cyan Tec’s standard range of industrial inkjet printers and full inline, efficient processing using robotic inkjet automation.

We work with robotic suppliers ensuring the right robotic solution is achieved to meet customer’s application and price expectations. It is the successful partnership of inkjet expertise and robotic connections that enable Cyan Tec to support the successful integration of inkjet into new or existing production lines.

Robotic Inkjet Load / Unload

  • Offering full turnkey integration for load and unload
  • Printing systems can be fully automated using a robot to load unprinted products on to the conveyor to print and cure before unloading the finished printed product and seamlessly passing it to the next production process
  • Robotic product orientation prior to inkjet printing enables users to achieve one product one image printing at full production speed

Robotic Inkjet Product Handling

  • Enabling customers to add value, marketing or information to their products
  • Achieving inkjet printing on products of various sizes through robotic  handling and gripping
  • Robotic handling of jigs to improve production efficiency whilst allowing for accurate image placing