Print Modules

Supplying a selection of standard and custom print engines

Cyjet Modules

Available in a large number of configurations, Cyan Tec’s print modules can be integrated into existing lines, presses or OEM systems to apply full colour graphics and coatings over a wide range of applications. The Piezo grey scale, high resolution print modules are capable of direct to product decoration as well as press integration to give the full advantages of digital print.

Print Module Features

Full ink systems with easy to fill tanks, user friendly graphical user interface for rapid set up and image selection.

Shuttered high powered UV curing and pinning options. White, pre-coats and full colour modules are available. All modules are designed for industrial use and are production rated.

Wide Ranging Options

A range of standard modules are available in the series as well as the opportunity to have custom solutions designed for purpose by Cyan Tec’s inkjet engineers. Options include specialised inks and printhead combinations, for applications such as food, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, textiles and coatings.

Custom Modules

Cyan Tec can design and build custom inkjet modules and print engines for a large range of applications. Cyan Tec is Printhead agnostic which means that any brand of printhead can be used so the right printhead can be chosen for the application. Systems can be created for single printhead marking applications up to super-wide print bars for large single pass applications. The integration of peripheral systems such as pre-treatments, curing and camera inspection can also be provisioned.

Whether it’s a one-off system for a special application or series build of production system and presses, Cyan Tec can create the right inkjet print module for integration onto existing or brand new systems.