The Rise Of Vision Technology

Vision inspection systems have long been a popular element within the automation industry. However, in recent years they have become a ‘must have’ for a number of leading manufacturing businesses rather than an added extra.

Example of a traditional vision application with illuminated back light

From basic pattern matching and barcode reading to full OCR inspection, the high-quality cameras that are available to automation experts such as Cyan Tec Systems Limited has made the integration of such equipment a seamless process.

There are a number of suppliers of the camera itself – as well as the supporting products such as the lighting, mounting brackets and associated cables -available to integrators, but it’s the expert after sales support that is crucial to delivering a successful vision inspection project.

Whether the inspection is required to be performed in a static position, or the camera is mounted onto a moveable object (robotic arm, linear transfer system etc.), this is well-defined at the early stages of the project and Cyan Tec will investigate the best possible way to design and manufacture a cost effective and performance enhancing solution.

The rise of vision technology has taken many significant steps along the way to becoming a fundamental part of automated production lines, but perhaps none more so than the development of high-end robotic vision systems. It is often imperative that the items approaching the manufacturing stations are both the correct variant and in the desired orientation. Therefore when end users are incorporating cameras to inspect a number of different products at rapid speeds, robotic vision ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Cyan Tec are always on hand to offer expert advice when it comes to robotic vision

Finding a specialist to integrate both the high-speed robotic arms and the intelligent vision systems is not so easy and that is where Cyan Tec’s vast experience in that particular field becomes most noticeable. Cyan Tec’s strength is based on the dedication and professionalism of its highly skilled, multi-disciplinary engineers, who are focused on meeting customer expectations in demanding production environments such as the automotive, aerospace, pharma and food industries.

In addition to advanced automation, Cyan Tec specialises in high-end, precision technologies including industrial laser and inkjet integration. Intelligent vision systems can play a leading role in both of the aforementioned processes when it comes to positioning parts prior to the inkjet or laser introduction, as well as confirming that the finished product meets the customers’ requirements.

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