The Importance of Automation Partners

As one of the UK’s leading system integrators, Cyan Tec Systems have built up a number of relationships with partners that play a key role in being able to provide customers with an advanced manufacturing solution.

For both the laser and robotics industry, Cyan Tec’s automation partners offer many competencies, including joint ventures, competitive pricing on industry leading technology and of course, crucial technical assistance throughout the life of any given project.

Talking of the laser industry – in particular using high quality laser products to perform tasks such as cutting, welding, and marking – worldwide manufacturers Trumpf and IPG have been at the cornerstone of Cyan Tec’s success.

In the last 12 months, the integration of significant TruDisk and TruFiber lasers from Trumpf’s strong product range has been notable. The different products, along with a stunning laboratory-type facility to perform laser trials that Trumpf can offer is crucial to integrators such as Cyan Tec, especially with customers’ expectations higher than ever.

A long-standing relationship between Cyan Tec and IPG ultimately peaked in terms of laser power when successfully integrating a 20kW laser – the largest laser source in Europe at the time – at the MTC in Coventry. The laser, featuring high performance as well as power, has performed exceptionally well, offering the MTC opportunities to bridge the gap between R&D feasibility studies. The results of these pre-production processes has seen Cyan Tec and IPG be successful on a number of projects, showing the importance of government-backed research facilities.

In recent years, Cyan Tec have integrated a number of laser markers, both as part of fully automated machines and as standalone marking enclosures. Laserlines and Keyence have been crucial to this successful spell, again offering Cyan Tec high-quality and reliable products. The latter have the ability to offer a wide range of components to compliment Cyan Tec’s automation solution, in addition to the laser marking source. These products include vision systems, sensors, and safety systems. The ability to have continuity is important for an integrator and therefore companies such as Keyence play a leading role.

Robotics have never been more prominent in Cyan Tec’s offering than they are today. In addition to using robots in laser automation, they are often used for industrial inkjet applications as well as more traditional assembly and testing automation. Fanuc and ABB, both with state-of-the-art facilities in the UK, have a long-standing relationship with Cyan Tec. The robotic offering from both companies spans all industry sectors and covers the complete range in terms of payload and reach.

In addition to traditional six axis robots, the advancement in technology now allows for a range of collaborative robots to be integrated into automated systems, often without the need for physical guarding. Cyan Tec have the in-house capability to determine which applications are truly collaborative, typically judged on the end effector or tool that is being used with the robot.

It is an exciting time for automation, and given the fast pace that the industry is changing, key partners will continue to play a leading role for Cyan Tec.