Robotics Plays A Leading Role In Automation

Although a significant amount of machinery that is manufactured by Cyan Tec includes the integration of traditional automation components such as motor driven linear axes and pneumatics, robotics are becoming more frequently involved when customers initiate a request for a piece of automated equipment.

In order to meet the majority of its customer’s needs, Cyan Tec endeavour to work with all of the leading suppliers of Scara, collaborative and of course, six axis robots. Those suppliers include market leaders such as ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Staubli and Mitsubishi and the experienced team of engineers at Cyan Tec have extensive experience in programming and commissioning such mechanisms into bespoke and standard solutions.

In terms of Cyan Tec incorporating robotics into semi-automated and fully automated production lines, this can include processes like laser cutting, laser welding, leak test, assembly and leak testing.

When a customer specifies a robot for a bespoke automated system, Cyan Tec will liaise with the selected robot supplier to evaluate the payload and reach that is required for the particular application. The close relationship with the robot manufactures allows the selection process to be smooth and regularly involves the end customer.

Standard productions cells by Cyan Tec that include robotics are as follows; Multi Axis Laser Welding System (Hyperion 8RF), Single Laser Cutting Cell (Hyperion 7RC), Dual Laser Cutting Cell (Hyperion 13RC) and Dual Input Laser Welding Machine (Hyperion 8LG).

Although the above machines are a standard design, the fact that the nature of Cyan Tec’s business heavily involves designing ground-breaking bespoke automation means that any of the machines can be modified to meet any individual requirements.

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