Leak Testing: Pressure Decay Explained

Cyan Tec Systems Limited (Cyan Tec) specialises in the integration of leak and flow test equipment which includes the supply of semi-automated and fully-automated systems into a wide range of different industry sectors. When talking specifically about leak testing, Cyan Tec has often adopted the pressure decay method to meet their customer’s demands.


Bespoke leak test tooling

The straightforward but effective technology that is well-known within the industry as pressure decay has now become a mainstay where high volume production testing is required and Cyan Tec has used its expertise in the design and manufacture of high-end automation systems to work alongside all the leading suppliers of leak test instruments to offer a quality solution. Strong working relationships with the aforementioned suppliers allow Cyan Tec to offer the end user the required after-sales support that is a key element in this type of project.

Pressure decay leak detection instruments are frequently associated with the checking of components that have relatively small volumes. The chamber is filled with air and the pressure transducer built into the specialist leak test instrument monitors the pressure for negative changes where any pressure drop indicates a leak.


Automatic leak testing

The pressure decay technique can also be referred to as gauge decay leak testing or absolute pressure leak testing. This is due to the method of leak testing simply measuring the drop in pressure on a gauge (transducer) during the leak test.

Although Cyan Tec is a UK-based company predominantly supplying leak testing equipment on home turf, having a strong reputation in this particular industry has also provided opportunities to supply leak testing machines to ‘Blue Chip’ companies on the continent. The product knowledge, reputable name and the high-quality end product associated with Cyan Tec gives the end user of the leak test equipment the confidence that the required skills are available in-house to offer expert advice no matter how simple or complex the automation.