Laser System Integration for EV Battery Pack

Cyan Tec are experts in the field of industrial laser integration supplying advanced systems to industry and energy sectors.

In the quest for greener energy sources and in response to the ongoing electrification of the transportation sector, global demand for large battery packs for electric vehicles is increasing.

Automotive battery packs for electro mobility are designed and manufactured in packs of battery cells and modules, typically employing Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These battery packs consist of a large quantity of cells connected in a series to produce the desired voltage level and in parallel to enable higher charge and discharge currents. Battery performance is reliant on dependable joints, where defective connections can lead to failure or reduction in performance. Cyan Tec are experts in the application of various wavelength laser beams to increase absorption in non-ferrous and bi-metallic materials to reliably join parts together.

Important parameters in laser welding include laser power, welding speed, focal distance and pulse rate, which influence weld quality, weld bead geometry and weld dimensions. Process parameters need to be controlled to provide weld strength and conductivity without penetrating the battery cell.

In battery pack manufacture electrical contacts are achieved via welded copper and aluminium conductors. Laser technology offers the advantages of narrow welds, high welding speed and low level of heat which is important for battery tab welding because the chemicals within the batteries are heat sensitive.

Laser welding is a reliable technology to connect battery cells and achieve fast, automated, precise production of battery pack conductive joints. Lasers offer the advantages of precision and non-contact welding which can be adapted to fit small areas with low accessibility using a concentrated heat source.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the supply of full turnkey laser systems to industry, energy and research sectors. Integrating laser welding systems into battery production lines can lower costs and increase reliability of batteries for electric vehicles.

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