Introducing…Strategic Partner, Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Dispensing technologies are required in many manufacturing processes. However, the perception within certain industry sectors is that it’s a manual process, automation can be expensive, and the dispensed material is a commodity item.

Cyan Tec believes that dispensing automation and robotic solutions provides their advanced manufacturing solutions partners with the perfect platform to offer their products into global manufacturers worldwide.

As a new partner to Cyan Tec’s growing portfolio of strategic alliances, Carlisle Fluid Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of products and systems for the supply, application and curing of sprayed materials including, paints, coatings, powders, mastics and bonding materials. Best known for the global brands of BGK, Binks, DeVilbiss, Hosco, MS and Ransburg, which are highly respected in the industry for quality, design and cutting-edge technology, Cyan Tec are excited to be working with one of the world’s leading players in the automated dispensing and spraying market.

Cyan Tec are able to use all of their experiences and expertise to collaborate with industry leaders such as Carlisle Fluid Technologies, integrating collaborative and industrial robots or bespoke automation into simple or complex dispensing systems.

Working with Carlisle Fluid Technologies as a dispensing partner is crucial to the integration of a successful project. This type of partnership allows Cyan Tec to trial dispensing and spraying applications in an excellent lab environment, which forms part of the proof-of-concept stage.

Similar to this dispensing process, Cyan Tec have experience of dispensing lubricant and sealant products in a wide range of applications and industry sectors. The automotive industry, particularly the production of batteries for electric vehicles, is an area of growth for robotic dispensing technology, using both industrial and collaborative robots. The integration of robotic or specialist machinery to remove manual labour offers the end user the ability to produce parts at a higher throughput and quality, as well as being able to work longer hours without breaks.   

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing equipment or to implement a new automated process, Cyan Tec and Carlisle Fluid Technologies are here to make your advanced manufacturing solution dream a reality!

For further information please contact or call 01509 815186 to discuss your requirements in more detail.