Industrial Strength: Inkjet Printing Solutions

What is Industrial Inkjet Printing?

Inkjet is a computer-based technology, which digitally generates printed images. It is a non-contact process, where fluids are jetted onto a substrate via an inkjet printhead.

Industrial inkjet is the application of inkjet technology in production environments enabling direct-to-product printing. Industrial inkjet printers can range from stand-alone systems to fully automated production lines or robotic solutions.

Buyers of inkjet systems for production environments, like any purchase of industrial machinery, first seek the advice of an experienced integrator. Cyan Tec offers solid production automation and inkjet capability enabling customers to achieve robust, production capable solutions. It is a distinct advantage to find an integrator who combines inkjet capability with knowledge of inline integration, cycle times, load/unload, automation and robotic handling.

Configuring Industrial Inkjet Solutions

Industrial inkjet systems require expert configuration of the various printer elements which frequently differ from application to application. The choice of ink, printhead, automation and ancillary treatments is crucial to the success of any industrial print system.

A dizzying variety of inks are available including aqueous, solvent, pigment, dye and UV inks. An experienced integrator can offer ink and pre-treatment combinations that are compatible with the product material.

Printheads form the heart of any inkjet print system, containing hundreds of chambers, which feed the jettable fluid into print nozzles and then jet tiny drops, onto the substrate. This non-contact technology enables inkjet to print direct to curved or textured substrates. There are a wide variety of printheads and independent integrators can offer objective advice on the best head selection for each application and optimize ink-to-head compatibility.

Methods for automating industrial inkjet processes or integrating inkjet into existing production lines can include linear transfer systems or multi-axis robotic solutions. Cyan Tec is an established certified integrator of the world leading robots and motion and control systems enabling it to offer expert advice about automated inkjet solutions for production lines.

Different printing applications may require pre/post treatments and an integrator with full inline integration knowledge can offer the required technical advice to inkjet buyers.

Adding-Value with Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is revolutionizing production environments and reducing process costs by offering direct-to-product, inline printing. Its print-on-demand, JIT capabilities facilitate inventory cost savings and late point product differentiation. Opportunities for adding value through full-colour product enhancement and mass customization are endless. The benefits of fully flexible printing offers exciting prospects to augment or personalize products.

It is always worth discussing with an integrator whether inkjet is the right way to go for each application and budget because like any technology its advantages are more germane to some applications and processes than others.

What to Consider When Selecting a Supplier

Production-ready inkjet printers are first and foremost pieces of industrial equipment and experienced industrial integrators with specialist inkjet know-how are best placed to offer advice to purchasers. Cyan Tec builds industrial inkjet systems for global blue-chip customers, with demanding print requirements. Its multi-disciplined engineers offer advice on inkjet integration and the optimal selection of printer elements to identify inkjet solutions with the robustness required for rigorous production environments.