Flat Bed Laser Cutting Cell

The Hyperion-MG4-CF is the latest standard flatbed laser cutting cell from Cyan Tec.  Suited to the laser cutting of composite materials, including Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) and PEEK, the system uses a combination of galvo scanning and conventional high-speed CNC axes to cut at high speed without de-lamination of the material.

With a fibre laser integrated into the base of the machine, cutting can be achieved with high quality and faster cutting speeds when compared to other solutions, and Cyan Tec is happy to integrate the most appropriate laser source to suit the application and customer preference.

An ultra narrow cut width makes this cell perfect solution for high speed cutting of composite materials or other non-metals with thin section which require the combination of high accuracy and speed over a large cutting area.  Multi-pass cutting can be used on thicker materials, to cut with exceptional edge quality.

Flat Bed Cutting Cell Brochure

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