Cyan Tec Win Order for JET Project

Cyan Tec have consistently worked on a number of large projects over the last decade, but perhaps none bigger than the latest success of winning an order to produce a laser system for The Joint European Torus (JET) project. JET is an operational magnetically confined plasma physics experiment, with a main purpose of opening the way to future nuclear fusion grid energy. The research on a new energy source, using hydrogen fusion for future power plants, is described as the largest fusion experiment in the world.

Cyan Tec will install a 25kW laser system into the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, located in Oxfordshire, UK. Having previously installing a 20kW laser into the MTC in Coventry for research and development purposes, this high power laser will take on the mantle as the largest laser installed by Cyan Tec.

Through from the initial concept stage to design, manufacture, build, commissioning and on-site installation, Cyan Tec can offer complete laser solutions for the automotive, aerospace and nuclear sectors as well as many others.

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