According to its customers in the nuclear decommissioning sector Cyan Tec offers exceptional customer focussed support. The decommissioning of nuclear facilities is a complex process and Cyan Tec is rightly proud of its contribution to this vital work.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the provision of full turnkey laser systems, which it supplies to the demanding nuclear decommissioning sector.

Cyan Tec laser welding cells, for example, enable customers to manufacture duplex steel boxes to store hazardous waste from decommissioning sites. These laser welding systems offer significantly reduced manufacturing times and costs while maintaining the essential high quality of weld seams.

Similarly, Cyan Tec laser cutting cells enable customers in the nuclear decommissioning sector to process equipment previous used in nuclear environments. Cyan Tec laser cells facilitate ‘smarter dismantling’ of nuclear equipment offering high-powered, flexible, non-contact, productive cutting capabilities.

Through from the initial concept stage to design, manufacture, build, commissioning and on-site installation, Cyan Tec can offer complete laser solutions for the nuclear sector.

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