Cyan Tec Install Large Laser Cutting Machine

Almost a decade on after integrating – at the time – the largest laser laser source in Europe, Cyan Tec have designed and manufactured another showpiece laser system for The Manufacturing Technology Centre. The physically significant machine structure (15.5m x 9.5m) incorporates a combination of a large flatbed cutting area (12m x 4m) and the facility to perform tube cutting (12m long).

Even with the vast experience of manufacturing a range of laser cells, the aforementioned machine is unique in many ways. In particular, the incorporation of robotics along with a more traditional gantry system allows the end user to have the flexibility to laser cut up to 15mm thick materials and up to 450mm diameter tubes within one machine footprint.

The high-quality laser certified guard system includes an access doors and a sliding machine bed, allowing for the smooth loading and unloading of materials for flatbed cutting or tube cutting. The laser structure is designed to protect operators and other persons from both the laser light that is generated during the cutting processes and also the moving parts, such as the robot and gantry, which are integrated as part of the cell.       

Through from the initial concept stage to design, manufacture, build, commissioning and on-site installation, Cyan Tec can offer complete laser solutions for the automotive, aerospace and nuclear sectors as well as many others. To find out more please click or call our sales department on +44 (0)1509 815186.