Cyan Tec Fanuc Strategic Partner

Cyan Tec is a leading robotic integrator and is proud to be recognized as a Fanuc Strategic Partner. Our partner status reflects our advanced technical capability in the field of robotic automation and system integration.

Cyan Tec has an enviable track record of successful integration of robots across a broad a range of industry sectors. We design and build robotic automated systems to enable our customers to achieve greater efficiencies and lower costs in advanced  production and process applications.

Our expert team of robotic integration engineers support our customers to successfully automate assembly, handling, testing, printing, loading/unloading, picking, packing and laser applications.

Cyan Tec’s Fanuc Strategic Partner status also reflects our strenuous commitment to customer service to ensure our customers achieve optimal robotic automation of their process and ongoing responsive after sales support.

To find out more please click or call our sales department on +44 (0)1509 815186.