Cyan Tec & Danecca EV Battery Collaboration

The collaboration between automation experts Cyan Tec Systems and EV battery development specialists Danecca is a technical match made in heaven driving battery pack manufacturing and delivering solutions for green technology electrification.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the supply of advanced automation for high-end industrial sectors including automotive and aerospace. As industrial laser integration specialists it delivers innovative EV battery production systems including laser cleaning of battery terminals and laser welding of battery stacks and tabs.

Cyan Tec’s advanced automation capabilities enable it to deliver and support EV battery production systems. The automation competency of Cyan Tec combined with the EV battery design and development expertise of Danecca provides a unique combination of skills to drive adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

Danecca’s specialist EV battery engineers are passionate about increasing the use of Li-ion battery packs as a tool in the fight against climate change and to provide energy security. Its collaboration with Cyan Tec enables customers to drive EV battery projects from concept, through development to automated manufacture.

Cyan Tec and Danecca are uniquely placed to drive the adoption of electric vehicle battery technology. Cyan Tec’s strength and expertise as the UK’s premier industrial laser integrator enables it to make strong inroads into this exciting new market. Laser welding technology with its precise, non-contact joining method offers key advantages for EV battery manufacture over alternative technologies.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the supply of full turnkey laser systems to industry, energy and research sectors. Integrating laser welding systems into battery production lines can lower costs and increase reliability of batteries for electric vehicles.

The collaboration between Cyan Tec and Danecca offers a one-stop-shop for customers with all the expertise required to take EV battery projects from concept to production and deliver sustainable e-mobility.  To learn more about EV battery systems contact