Collaborate To Innovate Awards

Following a successful project in association with Atkins, MTC and PSC Radiometric Systems, Cyan Tec are delighted to announce that the Sort and Segregation team have been shortlisted for The Engineer Magazine Collaborate To Innovate Awards.

An intelligent and automated solution was designed and manufactured by Cyan Tec in collaboration with the above mentioned parties. The system is to be used to sort nuclear waste into three dedicated categories; intermediate level waste, low level waste or recyclables.

Robotic Sort and Segregation System

The six axis robot that is integrated within the system includes a bespoke end of arm tooling design. The end of arm tooling incorporates the latest scanning systems, programmed by robotic specialists, removing humans from the process which reduces risk of harm.

Cyan Tec have experience in the integration of robotic systems in many different sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical and now nuclear. The use of vision systems in automated processes is ever-changing and is becoming more of a day to day requirement for Cyan Tec’s client base. The benefits of intelligent and autonomous machinery often outweighs the cost and reliability of using operators for many tasks, but especially inspection processes. The Sort and Segregation system is aiming to reduce the cost of identifying the nuclear waste to the most appropriate stream, minimising the volume of waste requiring expensive storage and recycling or disposing of the waste in an efficient and safe manner.

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