Automated Systems for Battery Technology

The transition from a traditional combustion engine to battery technology is well and truly underway in the UK, with more and more users switching to electric vehicles, and Cyan Tec are making inroads into this market at pace. Lithium-ion batteries have reached the status of being the spearhead of the automotive market, capable of having a very high voltage and charge storage per unit mass and unit volume – a crucial factor in order to allow this technology to become the “norm”.

The design and manufacture of dedicated laser welding automation is a particular area of expertise for Cyan Tec, and the previous experiences of integrating industrial lasers into complex – as well as more simple – automation, has given access to this exciting new market.

Technical knowledge in this industry is crucial for clients that are investing heavily in automated systems and Cyan Tec are on hand to offer advice where required, specifically regarding the key parameters in laser welding including; laser power, welding speed, focal distance and pulse rate, which influence weld quality, weld bead geometry and weld dimensions. Within the automated process, these parameters need to be controlled to provide weld strength and conductivity without penetrating the battery cell.

The key advantage of laser welding technology compared against other alternative solutions is that it offers a precise and non-contact joining method, which can be adapted to fit small areas with low accessibility using a concentrated heat source.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the supply of full turnkey laser systems to industry, energy and research sectors. Integrating laser welding systems into battery production lines can lower costs and increase reliability of batteries for electric vehicles.

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