A successful MACH 2022 for Cyan Tec

Cyan Tec were delighted to show off their Flexlase laser processing cell at the MACH 2022 exhibition. The first trade show under the MACH brand since the start of the pandemic, the footfall at the NEC in Birmingham was particularly impressive and plenty of business links were created and rejuvenated throughout the week-long event.

The Hyperion™ Flexlase is a high-quality, compact, modular laser processing machine. The characteristics of the fibre fed solid state range of lasers results in higher quality welding and cutting along with faster speeds when compared to other solutions.

A modular machine structure gives the customer the ability to choose between different options, depending on the application, providing a platform to specify a dedicated processing tool but with the benefits of purchasing a standard piece of equipment.

Cyan Tec’s control software seamlessly integrates the robot, laser source and safety systems, delivering optimum quality for improved manufacturing efficiency. The machine also includes a large user-friendly touch screen which gives the operator access to machines functions, pre-set parameters, job files, drawing files, etc.

The work table is fitted on a robust slide system to allow it to be pulled out from its normal working position, giving greater access for loading and unloading of parts.

One of the impressive features of this machine is the compact footprint in comparison to the working area of the table. This machine is designed with three main configurations; a basic weld table, a weld table with rotary device and a basic cutting table.

The basic weld table will be used where the parts that are being welded can be positioned flat onto the t-slot base that is included as part of the machine or onto a fixture nest supplied separately.

As an additional option to the basic weld table, a rotary device can be fitted to the top of the table and this will allow parts to be rotated during the laser welding process. The rotary will be controlled as a seventh axis by the robot controller.

In laser cutting applications a different design of bed, including sacrificial laser cutting combes, is required. This allows a flat sheet or individual components to sit directly onto the table during the cutting process.

If the three configurations of Flexlase do not suit your application, Cyan Tec have a wide range of other modular laser cells on offer (Standard laser material processing cells | Cyan-Tec) and also can provide quotations for custom laser systems (Custom laser welding & cutting systems UK | Cyan-Tec). Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your laser applications on 01509 815186 or sales@cyan-tec.com.

A huge thank you to key supplier Fanuc UK, who’s impressive large footprint stand was the home for the Flexlase machine for the duration of the MACH show.