Flatbed laser cutter

Laser cutting of sheet metal: High speed, minimum footprint

New from Cyan Tec Systems is a flatbed cutting system for cutting metal sheets up to 8 mm thick and with sheet sizes of up to 2 m x 1 m.  This compact system is ideal for processing sheets which can be loaded by hand onto the extending front table.  Fitted with a 3kW fibre laser, this standard machine offers excellent value and takes up minimum floor space.

Containing a solid state fibre laser, the Hyperion MG6-CF from Cyan Tec is used where conventionally a CO2 flat bed cutting system might have been chosen in the past.  The advantages of the solid state laser are that the laser wavelength couples more efficiently into most metals, and the beam can be steered to the cutting head using fibre optic cables – meaning a more convenient design solution.

This standard system is particularly well suited to more reflective materials (like aluminium and copper) – where other systems might suffer damage from back-reflection, the solid state laser is not affected by such issues.  Where thin metal sheets are to be cut (less than 4 mm thick) the fibre laser offers a speed advantage leading to higher throughput and shorter cycle times.

Download the flatbed cutting system brochure

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