Cyjet SP / XP Series

Robust multi-pass systems for production environments

Product Introduction

Cyjet™ SP / XP Series from Cyan Tec is the latest industrial inkjet printer designed for direct product printing in a full production environment.

The Cyjet™ range of inkjet systems achieves high quality product printing making short print runs, full customisation and personalisation achievable.

This versatile single pass or X-Y printer with its optional white plus four process colour piezo grey scale heads, Cyjet™ XP Series can apply full colour graphics to a large range of products.

Special options include specialized inks and printhead combinations, for applications such as food and medical applications, ceramics, textiles and material deposition applications.

Specifically designed HMI software is also available to suit individual applications and can be interfaced with central production control systems by a range of industrial communications protocols.

Cyan offers all the engineering services necessary for a full turnkey integrated solution encompassing many ancillary processes such as jig and fixture design, vision inspection, fully robotic loading systems and modular pallet transport systems. Other services offered include pre-treatment, final spray finishing stations, glue dispensers, web feeders, laser ablation and even automated assembly stations.

Cyjet™ SP / XP Series Standard Equipment

  • 600dpi x 600dpi native single pass resolution
  • Up to 1200dpi x 1200dpi multipass resolution
  • UV curable ink-set
  • 2 axis anti-cogging linear motors for smooth operation
  • 1µm Renishaw optical encoders
  • Low noise linear bearing system
  • Low noise cable chain system
  • Robust fabricated steel base structure
  • Heavy duty optional granite base for ultra-smooth operation
  • Aluminium extruded safety guarding
  • Light guards for manual product loading
  • Easy fill ink tanks
  • A range of print modes from single to multi-pass

Cyjet™ SP / XP Series Optional Equipment

  • Additional white print heads
  • Konica Minolta or Xaar 1003 print engine
  • Shuttered UV curing system
  • LED UV curing systems
  • Special non-UV inks
  • Load/Unload shuttle system
  • Vision image inspection system
  • Product edge detect sensor
  • Laser marking head
  • RIO (Robot in/out) automated loading system
  • Continuous precision pallet conveyor system
  • Remote diagnostic function
  • Web feed systems
  • Vacuum hold down

Cyjet™ SP / XP Series Signature Options

  • Jig and fixture design
  • Other manufacturer’s print heads
  • Pre-treatment systems
  • Z axis for variable height products
  • Up to three rotary axes for 3D printing
  • Stainless steel clean room compatible construction
  • Custom GUI control systems
  • Machine integration with central production system
  • High precision, motion system for materials deposition
  • Special heads for materials deposition
  • Ancillary automated assembly systems
  • Laser marking/ablation/cutting or welding cell
  • Spray coating cell for pre-treatment or finishing
  • Ancillary component handling systems
  • Inter-colour pinning UV lamps
  • LED curing system where appropriate
  • Additional printheads for faster speed or higher resolution applications
  • Custom sizes for different product configurations