Custom Inkjet

Industrial inkjet systems tailored to client specification

Introduction to Custom Inkjet

Cyan Tec is expanding the benefits of inkjet printing into ever increasing applications and market sectors. Cyan Tec’s tailor-made services allow customers to access industrial inkjet systems manufactured to precise client specification.

Cyan Tec can offer the following expertise:

  • Automation expertise to successfully turnkey the integration of inkjet printing systems into manufacturer’s production lines
  • Knowledge and experience of motion and component handling systems to support the integration of inkjet into productions lines
  • Up to date regulatory advice to deliver an industrial inkjet solution fit for 21st century production lines
  • CE, UL & CSA approvals: ensuring relevant & appropriate safety systems are integrated to meet customer expectations for operative safety

Development Projects

  • Assisting customers to achieve improvements in their production lines utilizing inkjet technology
  •  Assisting OEM clients with all development stages to provide purpose made systems for specific applications in new and existing sectors
  • Offering full technical support to customers and integrators from concept to production
  • Leading the way for advances in technology and the creation of new markets, through standard and bespoke solutions

Cyan Tec have well-established links with inkjet technology partners and participate in a number of development consortia to ensure Cyan Tec is at the cutting edge of inkjet technology. Cyan Tec works collaboratively with inkjet developers and a network of specialists at the cutting edge of inkjet technology.

Reducing Production Costs

  • Working with customers to create an industrial inkjet printing system to meet exact production line requirements
  • Eliminating the number of production processes by bringing printing in-house and inline
  • Reducing lead times and inventory costs
  • Achieving late point differentiation to meet local market demands or late product branding through the flexibility of inkjet printing

Cyan Tec technicians offer a contract build service to developers and OEMs to reduce manufacturing costs and increase production flexibility for Cyan Tec clients.

Introduction to Inkjet Ancillaries

Cyan Tec has a wealth of experience in peripheral systems such as:

  • Motion control
  • Pre-treatment technologies
  • UV, IR and hot air curing systems
  • Automatic printhead maintenance systems
  • Motion Systems
  • Sensing systems
  • HMIs and control systems
  • Clean room construction

and many other technologies to build a complete turnkey printing system

Inkjet Ancillaries 


  • Offering expert advice on pre-treatments to optimize wetting, adhesion and image quality
  •  Integrating corona, chemical wash, plasma, flame or de-ionization where appropriate


  • Control software is integrated ensuring compatible with manufacturer’s production lines
  • Integration with machine control software, plant software and human machine interface

Post Print Treatments

  • Advice on “Curing”  to select the optimal post print treatments
  • UV pinning systems
  • UV LED or arc lamp
  • UV curing systems
  • IR NIR systems
  • Post print coatings to suit OEM’s and manufacturer’s applications

Control Monitoring and Test Systems

  • Providing integrated inkjet solutions with complex control & monitoring systems to interface with host systems at plant level
  • Ensuring advances and updates in control systems are integrated to give customers peace of mind and access to the latest technical innovations to enhance their production process
  • Giving advice to clients on compatible sensing systems and print-head maintenance systems to provide robust, user friendly inkjet systems for industrial environments