Cyan Tec Welcomes MP for Loughborough Nicky Morgan

In June 2018 the Cyan Tec team welcomed local member of parliament Nicky Morgan to its facility in the UK’s manufacturing heartland.

Cyan Tec shared with Nicky Morgan its contribution to the UK’s ongoing manufacturing success. The company is experiencing strong growth and specializes in advanced robotic and automated systems, a key growth area for the UK.

Conversation centred on Industry 4.0, which is driving technical advances, business opportunities and job creation in the UK. Nicky Morgan observed the many real-life Industry 4.0 examples of digital technologies, robotics and automated systems manufactured by Cyan Tec.

The Loughborough MP was fascinated by Cyan Tec’s state of the art robotic laser systems and enjoyed a live demonstration of cutting edge digital inkjet printing.

Knowing how valuable the high-tech manufacturing sector is to the UK economy Nicky Morgan learnt with interest about Cyan Tec’s growing business in the UK and across the world.

Disk Laser Cell Open Day at Nuclear AMRC

The Nuclear AMRC, Cyan Tec Systems and Trumpf invite industry to discover the latest advances in welding technology and explore a state-of-the-art 16kW laser cell.

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Exciting New 16kW Laser Welding System

Cyan Tec’s advanced technical capabilities underpin the launch of its new 16kW laser system. The highly flexible, high-power laser cell is already driving state-of-the-art projects at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

The impressive scale of this 8m x 10m x 7m laser system reflects growing industry demand for laser systems with advanced handling capabilities.

Cyan Tec’s team of innovative, multi-disciplined engineers have succeeded in delivering a system capable of achieving high-quality welding joins, from around 15mm, over lengths of several metres, driving forward advanced welding applications in industries such as nuclear, marine and aerospace.

Cyan Tec claims an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of complex automated laser systems for welding, cutting, ablation, additive manufacture and surface modification. This exciting new system reportedly minimizes heat distortion and thermal stress to achieve high-quality welds for stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloy products.

The Cyan Tec laser system delivers travel speeds of 10m+ per minute, with a six-axis gantry and 2-axis manipulator table capable of handling products up to 15 tonnes. User friendly HMI and digital dual screen display enable operators to control and monitor in-cell processing.

In addition to launching advanced laser systems, Cyan Tec has a dedicated team of development engineers responding to demand for made-to-order laser solutions for special applications.

Manufacturers considering incorporating advanced laser solutions into production lines value specialist in-line equipment expertise from advanced integrators such as Cyan Tec who have a demonstrable record of successful large scale, complex high-powered laser solutions. Such dedicated integrators can offer the advice, support and technical solution required to ensure successful integration of in-line laser solutions.

Ground-breaking Robotic Inkjet for Industrial Applications

What is Robotic Inkjet?

Inkjet is the digital technology, which has revolutionized the printing industry. It is rapidly expanding into industrial environments enabling end-users to print variable images direct to product. Inkjet printing offers product manufacturing businesses the opportunity to add-value and adapt their product with full-colour product enhancement and mass customization.

Inkjet printing is a non-contact technology enabling users to print direct-to-shape, onto curved or textured substrates. Switching to inkjet printing offers fully flexible, print-on-demand capabilities and delivers the cost savings associated with reduced inventory and late point product differentiation.

Robotic inkjet is a groundbreaking technology enabling manufacturers to integrate direct-to-shape printing into production lines to achieve mechanized product handling, efficient load/unload and direct to product printing on complex 3D products using robotic systems up to six axes.

Selecting a Robotic Inkjet Solution

As with any robotic application, it is important to find an integrator proficient in both robotic handling and the applied technology. Cyan Tec uniquely combines robotic integration capability with inkjet expertise, enabling customers to be confident of a right-first-time solution suitable for their application and price expectations.

Robotic inkjet buyers first seek the advice of an experienced robotic integrator and it is a distinct advantage to find an integrator who combines inkjet capability with knowledge of inline integration, cycle times, load/unload, automation and robotic handling.

Configuring Robotic Inkjet Solutions

Robotic inkjet solutions require a combination of expert print configurations and robotic integration capability. Cyan Tec has an enviable reputation as one of the leading integrators of robotics in the UK, demonstrated by its advantageous relationships with Fanuc, ABB, Mitsubishi and Staubli. It has a proven track record in robotic integration and can demonstrate its capabilities with 6 Axis, 4 and 5 Axis Scara, Delta and intelligent vision robots.

Cyan Tec’s inkjet experts guide customers through the complex selection of printhead, ink/coating, automation and pre/post treatments ensuring robust production ready robotic inkjet solutions.

Adding-Value with Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is transforming production environments and reducing process costs by offering direct-to-product, inline printing. The prospects for product or component manufactures to add value through full-colour product enhancement and mass customization are endless. The benefits of fully flexible printing offer exciting marketing, product augmentation and personalization opportunities.

Expert integrators like Cyan Tec enable end-users to explore whether inkjet is suitable for their application and budget because like any technology inkjet offers greater advantages to some applications than others.

What to Consider When Selecting a Robotic Inkjet Supplier

Robotic inkjet solutions require advanced 3D design capabilities, state-of-the-art robotic engineering and specialist software development. It is important therefore to select an integrator with proven capabilities in robotics and inkjet integration. Cyan Tec is one of only a handful of suppliers with this specialized robotics and inkjet capability. It has a proven track record of supplying systems to global blue-chip customers, with demanding print requirements. Cyan Tec’s multi-disciplined engineers offer expert advice on inkjet integration and the optimal selection of printer elements. Customers rely on Cyan Tec’s advanced engineering design, pre-build customer design sign-off, rigorous pre-delivery system testing, dedicated multi-discipline installation engineers and onsite post-sales support and training.

Cyan Tec Install 16kW Laser Cell

As recognised laser integrators , Cyan Tec, have recently installed their latest high-power laser system. Working alongside the Nuclear AMRC, the installation of the 16kW cell at their Rotherham base has been a real success and is added to the impressive and growing portfolio of Cyan Tec’s laser systems. Following on from the integration of a 20kW laser source at the MTC in Coventry, the Midlands-based outfit are now deemed experts in handling large projects such as this and welcome the opportunity to discuss similar projects in the future.

A magazine article, put together by the marketing team at the Nuclear AMRC, is shown below:


ILAS a Real Success for Cyan Tec

Cyan Tec Systems Limited hosted an ILAS laser cleaning workshop at Fanuc’s new factory in Coventry recently and the feedback from the intuitive conference demonstrated that it was a success.

The speakers of the laser cleaning workshop gather for a photo.

The governing body of industrial lasers, AILU, made the following comments when asked about the workshop; “We received great responses at the Laser Cleaning Workshop.  The majority were pleased with the content and standard of the presentations, and over 80% rated it as excellent”.

Tony Jones (Cyan Tec’s Managing Director) introducing the day to attendees.

AILU’s representative continued; “The turnout was good, people gave us feedback during the breaks, telling us how this was a great networking opportunity to meet and make new contacts at this Workshop, (on average 5-9 contacts were made per person) and 90% are happy to recommend future workshops to a colleague”.

Networking is an important part of Cyan Tec’s success in keeping up with the latest technologies as well as finding new partners to team up with on future automation projects.

Industrial Strength: Inkjet Printing Solutions

What is Industrial Inkjet Printing?

Inkjet is a computer-based technology, which digitally generates printed images. It is a non-contact process, where fluids are jetted onto a substrate via an inkjet printhead.

Industrial inkjet is the application of inkjet technology in production environments enabling direct-to-product printing. Industrial inkjet printers can range from stand-alone systems to fully automated production lines or robotic solutions.

Buyers of inkjet systems for production environments, like any purchase of industrial machinery, first seek the advice of an experienced integrator. Cyan Tec offers solid production automation and inkjet capability enabling customers to achieve robust, production capable solutions. It is a distinct advantage to find an integrator who combines inkjet capability with knowledge of inline integration, cycle times, load/unload, automation and robotic handling.

Configuring Industrial Inkjet Solutions

Industrial inkjet systems require expert configuration of the various printer elements which frequently differ from application to application. The choice of ink, printhead, automation and ancillary treatments is crucial to the success of any industrial print system.

A dizzying variety of inks are available including aqueous, solvent, pigment, dye and UV inks. An experienced integrator can offer ink and pre-treatment combinations that are compatible with the product material.

Printheads form the heart of any inkjet print system, containing hundreds of chambers, which feed the jettable fluid into print nozzles and then jet tiny drops, onto the substrate. This non-contact technology enables inkjet to print direct to curved or textured substrates. There are a wide variety of printheads and independent integrators can offer objective advice on the best head selection for each application and optimize ink-to-head compatibility.

Methods for automating industrial inkjet processes or integrating inkjet into existing production lines can include linear transfer systems or multi-axis robotic solutions. Cyan Tec is an established certified integrator of the world leading robots and motion and control systems enabling it to offer expert advice about automated inkjet solutions for production lines.

Different printing applications may require pre/post treatments and an integrator with full inline integration knowledge can offer the required technical advice to inkjet buyers.

Adding-Value with Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is revolutionizing production environments and reducing process costs by offering direct-to-product, inline printing. Its print-on-demand, JIT capabilities facilitate inventory cost savings and late point product differentiation. Opportunities for adding value through full-colour product enhancement and mass customization are endless. The benefits of fully flexible printing offers exciting prospects to augment or personalize products.

It is always worth discussing with an integrator whether inkjet is the right way to go for each application and budget because like any technology its advantages are more germane to some applications and processes than others.

What to Consider When Selecting a Supplier

Production-ready inkjet printers are first and foremost pieces of industrial equipment and experienced industrial integrators with specialist inkjet know-how are best placed to offer advice to purchasers. Cyan Tec builds industrial inkjet systems for global blue-chip customers, with demanding print requirements. Its multi-disciplined engineers offer advice on inkjet integration and the optimal selection of printer elements to identify inkjet solutions with the robustness required for rigorous production environments.

The Rise Of Vision Technology

Vision inspection systems have long been a popular element within the automation industry. However, in recent years they have become a ‘must have’ for a number of leading manufacturing businesses rather than an added extra.

Example of a traditional vision application with illuminated back light

From basic pattern matching and barcode reading to full OCR inspection, the high-quality cameras that are available to automation experts such as Cyan Tec Systems Limited has made the integration of such equipment a seamless process.

There are a number of suppliers of the camera itself – as well as the supporting products such as the lighting, mounting brackets and associated cables -available to integrators, but it’s the expert after sales support that is crucial to delivering a successful vision inspection project.

Whether the inspection is required to be performed in a static position, or the camera is mounted onto a moveable object (robotic arm, linear transfer system etc.), this is well-defined at the early stages of the project and Cyan Tec will investigate the best possible way to design and manufacture a cost effective and performance enhancing solution.

The rise of vision technology has taken many significant steps along the way to becoming a fundamental part of automated production lines, but perhaps none more so than the development of high-end robotic vision systems. It is often imperative that the items approaching the manufacturing stations are both the correct variant and in the desired orientation. Therefore when end users are incorporating cameras to inspect a number of different products at rapid speeds, robotic vision ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Cyan Tec are always on hand to offer expert advice when it comes to robotic vision

Finding a specialist to integrate both the high-speed robotic arms and the intelligent vision systems is not so easy and that is where Cyan Tec’s vast experience in that particular field becomes most noticeable. Cyan Tec’s strength is based on the dedication and professionalism of its highly skilled, multi-disciplinary engineers, who are focused on meeting customer expectations in demanding production environments such as the automotive, aerospace, pharma and food industries.

In addition to advanced automation, Cyan Tec specialises in high-end, precision technologies including industrial laser and inkjet integration. Intelligent vision systems can play a leading role in both of the aforementioned processes when it comes to positioning parts prior to the inkjet or laser introduction, as well as confirming that the finished product meets the customers’ requirements.

To discuss your vision application in further detail, please click here to visit our contact page.

Cyan Tec Exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2017


Cyan Tec Systems will be exhibiting their laser, inkjet and automation capabilities at the Advanced Engineering show in November 2017.

New enquiries for laser processing, inkjet integration and general automation are welcomed and the team at Cyan Tec can provide a fully automated solution, including design, manufacture, testing and installation.

You can visit Cyan Tec on stand L70 on either 1st or 2nd November, where our sales team will be delighted to talk through your requirements.

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