Cyan Tec Fanuc Strategic Partner

Cyan Tec is a leading robotic integrator and is proud to be recognized as a Fanuc Strategic Partner. Our partner status reflects our advanced technical capability in the field of robotic automation and system integration.

Cyan Tec has an enviable track record of successful integration of robots across a broad a range of industry sectors. We design and build robotic automated systems to enable our customers to achieve greater efficiencies and lower costs in advanced  production and process applications.

Our expert team of robotic integration engineers support our customers to successfully automate assembly, handling, testing, printing, loading/unloading, picking, packing and laser applications.

Cyan Tec’s Fanuc Strategic Partner status also reflects our strenuous commitment to customer service to ensure our customers achieve optimal robotic automation of their process and ongoing responsive after sales support.

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Inkjet v Spray Technology for Automotive Coatings

The automotive sector is focussed on reducing the environmental impact of vehicles,  improving vehicle efficiency and developing lighter weight vehicles.

One way to achieve lighter vehicles is through the adoption of alternative materials such as plastics. Functional coatings are used to enhance plastic product durability and provide decorative high-quality finishes.

Coatings can be applied using spray technology however overspray techniques result in low transfer efficiency and up to 80% waste. This waste is then further treated using additional chemicals and the resulting sludge extracted and discarded.

Poor transfer efficiency impacts material and process costs associated with collecting, treating, extracting and disposing of the resulting sludge. The overspray methodology also generates unnecessary VOCs damaging to the environment.

With spray technology area control, discrete area coating and imaging are impractical without additional costly, time consuming masking processes.

Inkjet technology offers improved transfer efficiency over spray and provides opportunities to introduce efficiencies and improvements across a wide range of industry manufacturing processes.

Cyan Tec work closely with chemical and coating manufacturers to develop inkjet coatings for plastics to meet the strenuous demands of the automotive industry.

Industrial inkjet printing is achieved using a printhead to deposit tiny droplets of a material on to a substrate. It dispenses fluid in a non-contact, fully controllable manner, eliminating masking and with virtually no overspray. Inkjet is a digitally controlled technology, where the printed image is gradually built up through the deposition of drops of fluid exactly where we want them.

Inkjet technology achieves transfer efficiency, of theoretically 100%, although some contingency should be allowed for maintenance purging. Transfer efficiency is higher with inkjet and therefore the environmental costs, VOC emissions, material usage and process costs are lower in comparison to spray technology.

Cyan Tec offer single and multi-pass systems, where the printhead can pass over the substrate or the substrate pass under the printhead.

Industrial inkjet technology improves quality, process control and dramatically reduces waste in coating applications. Automotive applications include emblems, logos, buttons, Piano black and woodgrain trim and facia panels.

Cyan Tec combines automation, robotic and inkjet expertise to deliver industrial inkjet systems which offer manufacturers opportunities to lower costs, reduce waste, enhance products and achieve process efficiencies.

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Laser System Integration for EV Battery Pack

Cyan Tec are experts in the field of industrial laser integration supplying advanced systems to industry and energy sectors.

In the quest for greener energy sources and in response to the ongoing electrification of the transportation sector, global demand for large battery packs for electric vehicles is increasing.

Automotive battery packs for electro mobility are designed and manufactured in packs of battery cells and modules, typically employing Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These battery packs consist of a large quantity of cells connected in a series to produce the desired voltage level and in parallel to enable higher charge and discharge currents. Battery performance is reliant on dependable joints, where defective connections can lead to failure or reduction in performance. Cyan Tec are experts in the application of various wavelength laser beams to increase absorption in non-ferrous and bi-metallic materials to reliably join parts together.

Important parameters in laser welding include laser power, welding speed, focal distance and pulse rate, which influence weld quality, weld bead geometry and weld dimensions. Process parameters need to be controlled to provide weld strength and conductivity without penetrating the battery cell.

In battery pack manufacture electrical contacts are achieved via welded copper and aluminium conductors. Laser technology offers the advantages of narrow welds, high welding speed and low level of heat which is important for battery tab welding because the chemicals within the batteries are heat sensitive.

Laser welding is a reliable technology to connect battery cells and achieve fast, automated, precise production of battery pack conductive joints. Lasers offer the advantages of precision and non-contact welding which can be adapted to fit small areas with low accessibility using a concentrated heat source.

Cyan Tec is a market leader in the supply of full turnkey laser systems to industry, energy and research sectors. Integrating laser welding systems into battery production lines can lower costs and increase reliability of batteries for electric vehicles.

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Cyan Tec become ABB Value Provider

In testing times for the industry and of course the wider world, some positive news as Cyan Tec have recently been credited as an ABB Value Provider. Over the last few years, Cyan Tec have provided complex, modular and bespoke automation with the integration of many ABB robots. This includes for laser applications such as cutting and welding, as well as assembly, test and material handling systems for a wide range of industry sectors.

Cyan Tec are very excited to be a part of an elite group of companies that make up the ABB Value Provider scheme and are looking forward to supplying innovative automation solutions using ABB robots and other ancillaries in the future.

For more information about the robotic systems that Cyan Tec can offer, please visit our dedicated page:

InPrint Technical Conference

Robotics & Inkjet Integration

Cyan Tec CEO, Clayton Sampson, speaking on robotics and inkjet integration at the InPrint Technical Conference from 12–14 November 2019 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany.

Offering technical expertise to ease the integration of inkjet into production lines to digitally print direct to product with three rotary axes.

Explaining the flexibility achievable with full inline, robotic and automated inkjet printing solutions delivering process efficiencies and added product value.

Bringing together specialist robotic integration capability with inkjet expertise to advance industrial digital printing technologies.

Cyan Tec exhibiting at Fanuc UK Open House Event

Following a successful ongoing relationship between Cyan Tec and their robotic and laser partner Fanuc, Cyan Tec are exhibiting at the Fanuc UK Open House Event 2019, 29-31 October, in Coventry.

Showcasing Flexlase, a flexible laser processing cell, which has the capability to perform processes such as laser welding and cutting using state of the art robot and laser technology.

If you’d like to find out more then please visit our stand, check out our dedicated Flexlase web page at or call our office on +44 (0) 1509 815186.

Cyan Tec exhibiting at Printing United (SGIA)

Cyan Tec together with their US partners, Designer Plastics exhibiting at Printing United (SGIA) 2019, 23-25 October, Dallas, stand 1820.

Showcasing the Cyjet JP, multi colour single pass, high speed, direct to product printer, which eliminates the costly set-up time and consumables of traditional Pad printing.

If you’d like to find out more then please visit our stand, check out our inkjet web pages at or call our office on +44 (0) 1509 815186.

Cyan Tec Opens Exciting New Production Facility

Following a sustained period of growth, Cyan Tec Systems have made the decision to move to a significantly larger premises in Birstall, Leciester. There is no doubt that the current Barrow Upon Soar facility – the home to Cyan Tec for over ten years – has played vital role in allowing the company to move on a rapid upward curve and a lot of history in terms of successful projects, for a number of market leaders, will last long in the memory of those involved.

Due to a period of sustained growth Cyan Tec opened a new facility in Birstall, Leicester in September 2019. The additional capacity will enable operational expansion in response to market demand and benefit Cyan Tec’s ever expanding list of blue chip customers.

The premier business location is situated in the UK’s industrial heartlands, at the junction of the A6 and A46, with direct access to transport networks.

The recently constructed building offers increased production space to accommodate growth and facilitate customer demand for larger advanced manufacturing systems.

Additional lab space enables Cyan Tec to continue to drive forward advances in cutting edge laser and inkjet technologies to maintain its leading position in these fields.

The new facility creates further development opportunities, with spacious open plan offices to accommodate the growing team of highly skilled engineers, sales and administration professionals.

This investment represents an exciting step on the path of expansion for everyone at Cyan Tec to the benefit of its customers and business partners.

Please call our team to arrange a visit to the new facility to discover our advanced technical capabilities and discuss your automation project.

Cyan Tec Systems Limited 1 Red Rood Way, Birstall, Leicester LE4 3EJ UK

Telephone +44 (0)1509 815186

Choosing the Right Robot

Robotics has been advancing at a rate of knots over the past 10 years and although the time of replacing the majority of manual labour with robot operations is still a long way off, there are some interesting new industrial robots appearing which come much closer to undertaking human tasks.  As an experienced robot integrator with years of experience and hundreds of installations, Cyan Tec Systems is well-placed to offer advice on the best and latest robot automation solutions.

Many suppliers are offering the new style of “collaborative robots”, one example of which is the YuMi robot from ABB, which has been launched recently.  This is perhaps the most mainstream of this genre, coming from one of the “big four” global robot suppliers which are expected to grow rapidly to take the place of more expensive robots or human operators.

What does the YuMi do?

The YuMi robot looks a lot more like, and shares many characteristics with, the human body.  Designed to work alongside humans, the most notable change from the typical industrial 6-axis robot is the fact that YuMi is designed to work in the open and not behind guarding and safety interlocks.

Image: YuMi robot (image courtesy of ABB Robotics)

YuMi is equipped with twin articulated arms which terminate in gripper hands.  The concept of collaborative robots is that a shop floor may consist of a mixture of humans and robots, the robots being able to feed or be fed by human operators who might be given the more complicated tasks (or tasks requiring human intelligence).  Movement speed is restricted and the arms are equipped with crash sensors to stop safely if they should come into contact with a human operator, avoiding the risk of pinch, crush or impact injuries.

Ideal for small electronic component assembly, the robot will not replace the traditional 6-axis industrial robot, rather it complements the range and expands the capabilities of robot-based automation.  The YuMi robot can use vision to correctly pick and place components regardless of orientation and with the ability to compensate for inaccuracy of position, in the same way a human would.  As well as having the dexterity of a human operator, the collaborative robot can be easily trained and re-trained, coping well with boring, repetitive or ergonomically challenging tasks.

Traditional robots

For some applications, where long reach or interpolated path following is required, there is no substitute for the speed and accuracy of the traditional 6-axis robot.  These robots are still the obvious choice where the robot is using a tool which necessitates full safety guarding (for example laser welding or cutting).  In these applications, the capability of the 6-axis robot makes it the most appropriate choice.

In other applications involving simpler action, it might be that a Scara robot with 4-axes is more suitable.  These robots have fewer movements than the full 6-axis robot and are often used for pick-and-place in assembly or in loading and unloading machines.


With robots, as with other elements in automation, there is no single solution which suits every situation.  Flexibility and open-mindedness will allow the optimum configuration to be found, taking into account all the criteria required by the application.  In the next decade it is likely that many more collaborative robots will be installed and new technology is enhancing the vision, motion accuracy and intelligence of robots.