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Collaborate To Innovate Awards

Following a successful project in association with Atkins, MTC and PSC Radiometric Systems, Cyan Tec are delighted to announce that the Sort and Segregation team have been shortlisted for The Engineer Magazine Collaborate To Innovate Awards. An intelligent and automated solution was designed and manufactured by Cyan Tec in collaboration with the above mentioned parties. […]

Cyan Tec at Trumpf Open House

Members of the Cyan Tec sales team joined the Trumpf open house at its impressive Luton facility from 30th November – 1st December 2022. The open house described as among the highlights of the sheet metalworking calendar provides an opportunity for OEMs and subcontractors to explore the latest developments in laser cutting, punching, welding, bending […]

Choosing the Right Robot

Robotics has been advancing at a rate of knots over the past 10 years and although the time of replacing the majority of manual labour with robot operations is still a long way off, there are some interesting new industrial robots appearing which come much closer to undertaking human tasks.  As an experienced robot integrator […]

Compelling Reasons to Bring Laser Cutting In-House

Many companies use laser cut components in the manufacture of their products, and the obvious starting point when prototyping or stepping up towards volume manufacturing is the use of a local subcontractor for laser cutting.  The flexibility and affordability of a subcontract service can match with the varying needs of companies unfamiliar with laser cutting.  […]

Vision is essential for quality laser marking

Cyan Tec Systems, an expert laser marking systems integrator, has extensive experience of integrating laser marking with vision systems to combine automatic code verification and position compensation, to achieve the quality required for industries like automotive and aerospace manufacturing. A revolution in digital imaging technology has enabled camera sensor resolution and sensitivity in low light […]

Laser Cutting: Product Focus

Laser cutting of a variety of different materials, particularly metals and fabrics, is fairly common nowadays. Therefore, when an automotive supplier contacted Cyan Tec Systems Limited to design and manufacture an automated piece of equipment to remove excess material from their complex 3D formed products, the perfect solution was developed and in turn the RRTS14CC […]

Robot Laser Welding Cell is Flexible & Fast

To address the needs of the white goods and automotive industries in particular, expert system builder Cyan Tec Systems of Loughborough has developed a standard multi-axis robotic laser welding cell incorporating a 6-axis robot combined with a 2-axis tilt-and-turn manipulator to give the ultimate flexibility with 8 programmable axes. Such a system can work on […]