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Award Winning Cyan Tec Drives Automation Innovation

Industrial automation experts Cyan Tec Systems are the proud recipients of two customer awards for its innovative automated matching and laser marking machine. The advanced machine is recognised with the Best European Technical Project award from, well-regarded, global bearing manufacturer NSK. Cyan Tec’s Managing Director Tony Jones explains “the advanced capabilities of our multi-disciplinary team […]

Cyan Tec & FANUC Smart Factory Collaboration

Industrial automation specialists Cyan Tec Systems exhibits with robot supplier FANUC at Smart Factory Expo 2024 on 5-6 June 2024 at the NEC Birmingham, UK. The advanced manufacturing and engineering exhibition enables Cyan Tec to demonstrate its innovative standard systems, bespoke automation and areas of excellence. “Smart Factory Expo is the perfect platform to showcase […]

Battery Automation

Cyan Tec have the skills and expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of automated systems, in varying industries, including automotive. With the demand on the automotive sector to move to fully electric vehicles in a short space of time, Cyan Tec were well placed to assist with providing a number of systems that […]

Automated Matching & Laser Marking Machine

When the global renowned bearing manufacturer NSK, requested to automatically match and laser mark a wide range of components, Cyan Tec’s engineering team were more than up for the challenge. Following a number of brainstorming sessions and successful awarding of the contract, Cyan Tec’s design team showed ultimate flexibility to change the concept from a […]

Industrial Fibre Lasers: An Introduction

Industrial fibre lasers are a type of laser that has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry due to their ability to cut, weld, and mark materials with high precision and speed. Fibre lasers are a type of solid-state laser that uses a fibre-optic cable to deliver the laser beam to the material being processed. […]

Automated Laser Welding

Laser welding is a popular method of joining metals together in the manufacturing industry. It involves using a high-energy laser beam to melt and fuse two pieces of metal together. This process is often used in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, where precision and accuracy are crucial. One of the most common ways to […]

Introducing…Strategic Partner, Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Dispensing technologies are required in many manufacturing processes. However, the perception within certain industry sectors is that it’s a manual process, automation can be expensive, and the dispensed material is a commodity item. Cyan Tec believes that dispensing automation and robotic solutions provides their advanced manufacturing solutions partners with the perfect platform to offer their […]

Automated Leak Testing: Pressure Decay

Cyan Tec have vast experience in the design and manufacture of testing equipment, supplying both electronic and air testing machinery to a range of different industries. This technical article focusses on the basic principles of pressure decay testing, an industry known testing method that is used to detect leaks in components or assemblies, through a […]

Automated Industrial Robot Cutting, Deburring and Grinding

Automated industrial robot cutting, deburring, and grinding have become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry due to their ability to reduce production time, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy. Automated cutting, deburring, and grinding have replaced manual labour in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. Automated cutting, deburring, and grinding are often performed using […]

Cyan Tec and FANUC bring MTC’s vision of large-scale robotic laser cutting cell to life

A suite of automation solutions from FANUC has proved integral to the delivery of an industrial-scale laser cutting cell commissioned by the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). Constructed by system integrator Cyan Tec Systems, the demonstration cell comprises a 12m x 4m cutting table and, from FANUC UK, a six-axis robot, a computerised numerical control […]